FYP and Master thesis


As you may know, DeTraS and CheckApp have been part of my Final Year Project and Master thesis. Although I defended my FYP a year ago, I hadn’t released it yet. Now that I’ve successfully defended my thesis, I think it is the right moment to publish both documents.

Before you download the documents take into account they are written in Spanish.

FYP: Mejoras a DeTraS: describiendo la actividad humana frente al ordenador.

Thesis: DeTraS: Ampliación, promoción y creación de una comunidad


One Response to “FYP and Master thesis”

  1. 1 Marc

    Hello Edmundo,

    although my Spanish is quite poor I got a good impression of your master thesis. Thanks for sharing it here. Did you ever thought about having it published as a book or ebook. I for one think, that this paper should be presented to a broad audience. Already having published some essays with GRIN, a publisher located in Munich, Germany I’d like to recommend this way of publishing to you – it is easy, you will have an ISBN assigned to your book and it does not cost you a penny – but just have a look for yourself here: http://www.grin.com (by the way the page is also available in Spanish) and decide if you like it. Cheers and thanks again, Marc.

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