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A few months ago, I wrote a post with a brief guide to create a Debian package. As you will know, I’ve released DeTraS 0.5.0 recently, and I’ve been messing around with packaging again. I remember that packaging DeTraS 0.4.2 was a pain in the neck, specially because I had some troubles to upload a […]

As you may know, I’ve released DeTraS 0.5.0 recently. This version has a lot of internal work, changing the way it stores data locally, and also includes an improved overview window, which offers you some statistics and information about tracked data on your system, simplified privacy options, a command line interface to access your data […]

I want to give a special greeting to our new readers from Planeta Linux. I’ve been following that planet for a while, and it has really interesting contents written mainly in Spanish. As you will know if you have been reading this blog, although I am Spanish, I write contents in English by two reasons: […]