What’s going on in DeTraS?


Luckily, I’ve started an internship in January, so I’ve been quite busy these weeks. Anyway, I’ve finally found some time and energy to work in DeTraS.

As you may know, one of the main objectives on DeTraS 0.5 is create a new GUI to show local events. To make so, I’ve decided to change the way DeTraS stores events by switching from XML files to a SQLite database. To accomplish this change, I have to rewrite a lot of code, but I think it will be easier, faster and better than try to make a good GUI having a set of XML files as a data source.

These days I’m playing a lot with C and SQLite, so I’ve found some resources that I thought may be helpful if you need to introduce in that world:

Above examples are easy and nice to introduce you C interface to SQLite, but take into account that they are a bit outdated. SQLite team recommends you to use sqlite3_open_v2 and sqlite3_prepare_v2 functions on your code instead of the old sqlite3_open and sqlite3_prepare.

Nice hacking! 😉


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