As you may know, DeTraS and CheckApp have been part of my Final Year Project and Master thesis. Although I defended my FYP a year ago, I hadn’t released it yet. Now that I’ve successfully defended my thesis, I think it is the right moment to publish both documents.

Before you download the documents take into account they are written in Spanish.

FYP: Mejoras a DeTraS: describiendo la actividad humana frente al ordenador.

Thesis: DeTraS: Ampliación, promoción y creación de una comunidad



I haven’t talked about DeTraS and CheckApp development for a long time, so I think it’s time to do it.

Currently, time is a scarce resource for me, so I want to spend it working on those things I’m more interested in.

Concerning DeTraS, I have to say I’m a bit disappointed about its evolution. Although I have made a lot of work in the previous months, the applet need to be fixed to work in GNOME3 and Unity, and I haven’t receive enough feedback about the application. Downloads number hasn’t increased in these months, and I’m not quite sure about how many people are using the application. There is also another problem: nowadays a lot of daily tasks are performed in a web browser, and DeTraS would need to

In my opinion, the first step to take in DeTraS development is fix tracked bugs and think how should evolve the project.

CheckApp situation is considerably different. Even though it is a brand new project, I have received some interesting comments about it. Although the project development has just begun, I find it very interesting.

Outside DeTraS and CheckApp, I’m also interested in playing with Git and Android SDK, so I would like to start a small Android application and use Git to maintain its code.

I know there are too much things to do in a small time, but that’s life 🙂

Thanks for reading!

I have been quite busy lately, but finally, with all of you, here it’s CheckApp!

This is a maintenance revision of the very first CheckApp release. Although its development has just begun, this is a quite stable release, and it includes some of the most basic features this application should have: user profiles, user relationships, application profiles, built-in notifications, comments and check-apps.

Hey, this is just great but… what does “check-app” mean? Well, it’s just a way to say you are using an application. Maybe it’s the first time you use it, and you want to say “I’ll give it a try”, or perhaps you use that application every day and you want to share it with your friends.

If you don’t want to download the application, this is a screenshot of a test user profile:

CheckApp test user profile

CheckApp test user profile

I hope you find it interesting, and I’m waiting for your opinions 🙂

Have a nice day!